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How to haul a boat properly

This little sequence illustrates something unusual, at least for us this year: How to remove a boat from its natural element without damaging it.

As the photos clearly show, it takes a large number of middle-aged people with sticks, a very large crane, a minimum of A.M. alcoholism, and a steady hand on the digital camera.

1) Deep heavy is it? (The answer turned out to be 29,500 lbs., 500 lbs. less than the skipper had guessed to satisfy a space on a form.)

2) You don't say? This calls for more deep thought.

3) Right. Raise high the chalice!

4) A quick look confirms the anti-foul seems to have worked.

5) The push-stick, the steel boat and the tourist trap: A senseless conflation of photographic composition, really.

6) This single individual is doing almost none of the lifting. Quite something, physics, isn't it?

7) Safely down, and nothing damaged. Anxiety....receding....