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Wood I? Yes, Probably

Something different this time.

I stumbled upon this via an innocent search for a "dutch door companionway" in Google. I was trying to explain to a guy online why I thought washboards weren't the way forward for us on the ocean.

I hit this:¤cy=USD&access=Public&listing_id=74772&url=

It's like my boat as a double-ender in wood crossed with a ketch. It's freaking gorgeous and suspiciously cheap. There must be a fatal flaw (like sailing like a drunken pig?), because it looks like a museum piece, not a 14 year old ketch.

I like it very much. So must the owner or the broker, who have provided 97 photos in the ad. I hope she finds a good berth and a fine skipper.

Don't get me wrong. We love our steel cutter, and I love seeing other people owning wood boats (and never sailing them because the varnish is never dry enough), but there's room enough in my heart to appreciate a beautiful work of craft and art, and that's a lovely vessel.

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