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Visual aids for sailing from a very good sailor

Damn right I built this! (translated from the Portuguese)

In 2007, I crewed on a short delivery in Portugal. It was my first saltwater experience beyond being on Irish and English ferries, and I was on the impressive Giulietta, a custom-built Delmar Conde 1200 racer built by my friend Alex, who lives outside of Lisbon. The boat is currently stripped out and is racing ORC around Portugal, and is doing quite well. It certainly has the most comprehensive and well-organized method of handling control lines I've ever seen.

Alex, tired of the repetition and general level of nonsense at certain sailing forums that shall go unmentioned, started a sailing forum of his own,,  whose membership he finds more congenial. Although Alex's biases in favour of fast, modern designs are known, he genuinely wants to be helpful to sailors who want to learn, and pretty well anything that gets him sailing on his marvellous boat is a decent excuse.

Alex made a comprehensive series of "how-to" short instructional videos for YouTube that I would like to see more widely viewed. Not that I think I get the numbers of YouTube...I am under no illusions, particularly as I can see my stats...but these particular videos are well done for a fellow who doesn't have English as a first language, and who frequently makes fun of his own troubles working computers.

While you could browse his YouTube channel,  I thought to list some of my favourites here. Even veterans can, I believe, learn from a sailor who is also a pilot and has an extensive engineering background. His explanations of how various parts of the rig work...and how to get the most out of them...are of interest even to experienced sailors. How long, after all, could you talk about the use of the Cunningham?

Obrigado, meu amigo!

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