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Standing watch is not texting Dave

The U.S.S Guardian has been cut into manageable chunks and taken off that inconvenient reef in the Philippines:

What would one assume had been learned from this incident? The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior made the same navigational error fairly famously in 2005, so it's not as if the dodgy accuracy of the charting was unknown.

No, I said "get the big sabre saw".
Presumably, if the accuracy was in question, of all the organizations worldwide who go a-sailing, the U.S. Navy would have the resources to amend, correct and revise nautical charts.

Of course, charts can be accurate or inaccurate. The situational awareness aspect of watch-keeping should still be maintained. Was it here? We may never know, nor may the people who have to live with the consequences.

Bad navigation/poor choices: They can happen anywhere.

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