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Watching out for rescue

As I had to tell a friend once about a modern boat's boom design, "no, it's not broken, it's supposed to work that way."

While the debut of the hugely expensive Breitling Emergency II watch is not strictly within the purview of this blog, the notion of PLB/EPIRB-like beacons you can wear is. So I've updated and partially rewritten an already lengthy post on the topic of self-rescue, which remains one of the most popular topics I've covered. Go to the bottom update marked "UPDATE, 2013.05.06" if you want to get to the entirely new stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc
I have lost my contact info for you. Give me a call/email and we can get together. I am downtown twice a week for therapy on my hand.

Bruce Clark

Rhys said...

Bruce, I have sent you that information to your hotmail account, which I presume is still active.