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Salty sculpture and a reason to learn how to dive

Most sailors have a touch of the poet in them, unless they are the mad mariners of Melville or Conrad, perhaps. I like to think that a keen eye for a navigational star on a cloud-torn night might lead to an appreciation of art on land. But since when does art have to be on land?

It's stuff like this that makes me think half the fun of sailing is getting to be at home under the sea.

Just a little diversion as I contemplate tomorrow's swapping out of engine control panels.


Bill Bishop - Parmain said...

Nice job RHYS, you're moving on up to the electronic east side. I'm also adding "embiggening" to my personal excess verbosity collection.

Rhys said...

Alas, Bill, it's not mine. It's nicked from a memorable episode of The Simpsons:

As for moving up in electrics, I really have to take a course. I'm the kind of guy who has the potential to make a lot of repair work for the kind of guy you are. I just read why I should want the DC side of the boat's power grid to sport double-pole breakers (

I really need to understand why! There's a few double-pole breakers on the AC side...again, I need to figure out why...hence I need to hit the books before I fry something.