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Best to get the names right, isn't it?

I feel that if one proposes to encompass the world, it is merely a common courtesy to learn the syllables by which the natives of each country describe themselves and their state.
There's more, and in higher definition, but you'll have to visit the site.
Now, these sort of things can be read (if in a sketchy and possibly mangled fashion) from visas, zarpes and other Official Documents, the bane of which will be a future post, but why not know the endonym of a state's citizens going in?

The French probably aren't sticklers on a tricouleur courtesy flag, but the smaller places are reportedly very much so.

Along with the properly sized courtesy flag, the area of which is, it's said, should be inversely proportional to the size and importance of the country being complimented, it's best to distinguish a dominion from a republic, and a monarchy from a Workers' Collective.

It's simply good manners from a transient guest...and a reason beyond sail repair to bring along a sewing machine. All reports I've heard of indicate that even a crude representation is appreciated when seeking to bring one's boat into a little, but proud, nation's waters.

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