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Under cover

After three bike trips out to Mississauga, the new mainsail cover is in full operation.
Those mast steps are looking brilliant. I had to use my teeth to tie that knot.
The sail itself is not flaked very well; one batten has flopped off the "stack" and is making the aft end hard to secure. Still, given that we are immobile until the horde of batteries are installed and secured, this will keep the UV exposure well down. 
The old cover fits the old main, which is relegated to "spare, light air" status. It's actually in good shape (the old main, not so much the cover, which needs some TLC) and will come with us.

Now is when the FTZ crimper will pay for itself.

During my leg-powered journeys, I picked up some 4/0 gauge tinned wire at Genco; it's actually not easy to source as it's overkill for most applications. Not, however, for my inverter/charger, which specs 4/0 gauge as the desired conduit for delicious amperage.

No luck on the dual "port-starboard" L-16 battery box. Well, there was a guy who would make it out of thermo-plastic for me...for $432. I figure epoxied plywood is a better idea, with the advantage the the aft "wall" of the dual battery box can also serve as the partition between the standpipe/fuel manifold area and the battery zone.


Silverheels III said...

4/0 DC cable? That will carry 100 amps 60 ft return. Are you planning to run a 100 amp device 30ft away from your main battery? Anchor windlass?

Rhys said...

That's Xantrex's spec for the 2000 watt charger/inverter I have. The battery patches are all 2/0 as are the runs to the main busses. Sorry I just saw this now.