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Well, that only took 18 years

After years of having other sailor types express shock and horror that I hadn't seen this fairly mild comedy about a dubious yacht delivery skipper and an uptight family who inherit a vintage ketch, I located it on DVD and myself, my wife and our eight-year-old son watched it tonight. It was indeed mild, but had a few laughs and not too many errors on the seamanship side. Kurt Russell's "casual sail0r" character reminded me of a few guys at my club, actually, who know a bowline, a long splice and the rest is instinct. And beer.

Sometimes that's not a bad thing.


"Seattle" Heather said...

I love that movie. It's cheesey but I still love it! :)

Rhys said...

Pure Velveeta, although I looked up Mary Kay Place's age when that movie was shot and she was a pretty spectacularly fit 45. Must've been pleasant thoughts.