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How to get ahead in cruising

True story: When my wife first stepped aboard the custom-built, steel pilothouse cutter of unclassifiable but vaguely Land Rover-ish design that we now own, she peered behind the only door aboard and spotted the Lavac head. She asked "is that the one you can flush a pair of jeans down?"

"Yes, but why would you want to?"

"Just in case. OK, I like the boat".

So we bought it. On such miniscule decisions are vast enterprises founded.

Status: Painting the engine bay interior with multiple coats of "Mascoat db", a ceramic-based sound insulating paint. I'm using a freshly purchased paint sprayer which is doing a fine job, but which requires a lot of cleaning due to the fairly thick nature of the paint. Nonetheless, it is clearly superior to doing it by hand, and, given that I'm recovering from a wrenched back muscle, is well worth the investment.

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