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The invisible revealed

This is what happens, I guess, when artistic meets statistics.

I could watch it all day.

UPDATE: I've been in e-mail contact with Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, the designers of this wind map, and while they are concerned (fairly naturally, I think) about the kind of bandwidth charges peering at this sort of graphical representation this could cost, they are considering making it more accessible (i.e. embeddable) for more general use.

So I'll stand by and await results. If nothing else, it's very beautiful. The developers in question have several very intriguing ways of presenting statistic in memorable, aesthetically pleasing fashions.


Ken, Silverheels III said...

As Canadians watching Buffalo NY television for nearly 69 years we've become accustomed to seeing the US weather stop at the Great Lakes and the 49th parallel. Where do they suppose all that Artic air comes from in the winter? ;-)

Rhys said...

I assume they assume Russia or perhaps Alaska.

The map could be of politcal hot air, I suppose. On that front, it's always squall season.

Ken Goodings said...

Found this interesting piece on Canada/US