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Yule be launching soon...

...which is what I'm saying on this, the shortest day of the year and, according to the more excitable among us, the End Times. Given that we launch in the spring, the Apocalypse can piss off, thanks very much. I've far too much to get done, and if any skeletal Horseman should manifest, he can tie a line to his spectral pommel  and provide enough purchase to help me to get the rudder off.

And as I've finished the obligate Christmas shopping, I think I will lay a charge on the extracted boat batteries in the garage, do a bit of house chores, and contemplate a Terrible future.

This is Terrible:

Note: Less terrible, more delicious
I am looking forward to it, although I suppose this would be more in keeping with the day:

From the same brewery. I do like their work
Personally, I take it as a point of pride that I drink better than any Mayan ever did.
Happy Solstice to all, and to all a fine holiday. May the deity, folkloric character or rational concept of your choosing grace you with health and enough wealth to upgrade your boat next year, and may your path to a happy life on the waters be lit with the ever-increasing sunlight of approaching summer.

(Invert as required for Southern Hemispheric readers, of course!)


Chip said...

Nice. I spent this year's apocalypse with Manhattans, but the sentiment (and my blog post) was very similar.

I'd like the try the La Terrible. I can't handle La Fin du Monde--way too sweet for me--but their Maudite is fantastic.

Rhys said...

I concur on the LFdM, Chip, and actually prefer Maudite. The Terrible is indeed delicious, if redolent of the "knock you on your ass" quality one seeks for the festive season...split one with the missus for good effect.