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It's not a great day when... slave over your boat all winter and the "B-team" at the marina decides to test the laws of gravity using 15 tonnes of steel cruiser.

And it started out so calmly:

It appears that the trailer guys...who did a great job in the fall...are now DIFFERENT, LESS EXPERIENCED trailer guys who take turns a little wide. I would suggest boat owners never do this. It makes a bad, bad, heart-crunching sound when a loaded cradle falls off a trailer and toes six inches into the road.

You can just make out the touchdown point here:

Eventually, after removing the forestay and about two hours of deep thought and dancing with melonoma, the TraveLift is made to do its thing.

...which it can only do by lifting the cradle with the boat...

Amazingly, no actual boats were harmed in the performance of this stunt (although, my cradle got a bath). After checking for leaks and for engine/shaft misalignments, we proceeded four hours late to our home club.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to have a jumbo-sized Dark and Stormy. My nerves are shot.

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